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A 28 year old woman presenting in November 2010 with long standing problems of bladder discomfort for the past three years. Extensive use of antibiotics for cystitis, which left her bladder feeling permanently irritated. She has a history of bloating.

September 2011: "It is my heartfelt wish to share my personal experience with this dreaded condition in order to give hope to others who are still searching for answers and to encourage those who have found this natural approach but are still at the beginning of the treatment.

I myself found so much relief by reading throughout this period, over and over again, different testimonials who gave me so much strength when I was down so it is my turn to spread hope and trust that better days will come, and believe me they will. I’m sure that everybody fighting this condition is very much familiar with the endless visits to different doctors, desperately hoping for some answers, for some name for the "unknown", for some relief that somebody actually knows what is wrong… How many times we have secretly traded in our minds with every illness of the world only to have the comfort that it is something when not treatable at least known… How many of us have reached the point of despair questioning their mental health and with their dear ones feeling overwhelmed and helpless only able to watch the struggle of the sufferer? How many of us had to fight against the thought that this will be the life we will have to live till the end of our days? “Why me, what have I done wrong, I don’t deserve such a burden, I can’t fight alone, I need help, but who can help me?” – These are words that haunted me day and night with no rest.

I'm sure that everyone who is suffering from this terrible condition and is reading these words knows exactly what I’m talking about and even recognizes each emotional state which is associated to all the physical and psychological struggle. I recall that I so badly needed to find someone, anyone, a  doctor, a friend, actually anyone who could just give me my hope back that all of this is just temporary and that somewhere out there a cure exists and I will find it. An then came DEBORAH, I can hear her words even now:  “You will get better” it was like a miracle, like a dream for me, not only she was knowing what was going on with me, but she was very much familiar with all the emotions connected to the disorder and above all she told me those 4 magic words which really meant the world to me: YOU WILL GET BETTER!

So I found MY WAY, MY ANSWER, and I am one of the lucky ones as it took me only 2 years to find it. But 2 years is still a very long time when you believe it will last forever and when the feelings of despair are so deep that you can barely handle…I still believe this was the hardest thing that has ever happened to me…

So I began the treatment, with much hope and stubbornness to finally overcome this illness. I won’t lie and say it was easy because it was not but it was actually the easiest thing compared to the period with no answer at all, just vegetating from one day to another. In order to follow this treatment you have to bring up a lot of ambition and take control over your life by adjusting it to a healthy but still very restricting diet, you have to rigorously take your pills and you have to face the die off symptoms which in the end only reconfirm that you are on the right path and that your body has started to eliminate the bad things responsible for this nightmare.

I’m now for almost a year under treatment and with Deborah’s great help and dedicated support I successfully managed to undo most of the harm my body was put through because of this imbalance.  As to the way I feel now I will just quote a paragraph from an e-mail sent to Deborah this month that expresses all the joy and happiness I genuinely felt when writing it:

“I'm just having the best month since the beginning of the treatment!!! I told you since last time that I feel that I'm over the hill and that I'm moving upwards and this is really true !!! :) Many thanks for everything, you gave me my life back, I can't thank you enough and I pray to GOD to give you strength and health to help many, many people in distress!!!!
THANK YOU, Deborah, God bless you and all your valued work!

C.A  – Bucharest, Romania.

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