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Testimonial for the Herbal Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis (IC)


"Without a shadow of a doubt it is difficult putting your trust in a different medical approach, especially when traditional western medicine seems to brush it aside. But if I hadn’t gone with my instincts, I would not be where I am now.

I knew there was more to my condition than meets the eye. I had been experiencing problems with constipation for years, had bad bloating and digestion and suffered from bladder infections on and off ever since I became sexually active. I also had pains under my arms and after taking various courses of antibiotics the pain in my bladder and rest of body got a lot worse.

It was only when I met Deborah when she clearly explained why these conditions are all linked and for the first time I felt I knew what my battle was against, which as a fellow IC patient, you will understand how important it is to KNOW what is causing your pain. Deborah suspected, as is the case with many of her IC patients, that I had what is called a ‘leaky gut’ and heightened levels of bacteria within my small intestine, both of which compromise the body’s immune system causing inflammation.

I still meet people who are sceptical, despite the fact that I had tests with a lab in London (through Deborah), which prove I have a high level of bacteria and a leaky gut. Ok, I could understand the scepticism if I wasn’t getting better, but I am!! I am five months into treatment and I am not going to lie; it has not been easy. The diet was difficult to adjust to and the periods of die-off (when the bacteria die and release toxins) have been hard to deal with. However, my bladder is much better behaved than it was when I started the treatment and I no longer get vulvodynia, which I developed before Deborah’s treatment after I had taken a high dose of doxycycline (antibiotics).

It is important to remember that everyone is different – I was convinced that my problem was to do with candida (yeast) and it wasn’t (Deborah tested me and I was normal (for once!)) and I tried various herbs before meeting Deborah.  I know it can be very tempting to read things of the internet and just try them, but honestly, knowing what I know now I would never recommend anybody just ‘trying’ herbal medication without a very skilled professional. Everyone has to have their own treatment plan to make sure they get better whilst protecting their other organs such as the kidneys and especially the liver. This is why I personally will never discuss my exact herbal prescriptions with fellow patients.

Initially, I thought all my problems were to do with a bacteria called ureaplasma, which I tested positive for, but after foolishly taking high levels of doxycycline, I felt slightly better for a few days and then became a lot lot worse. Little known to me at the time, antibiotics most likely made my leaky gut a lot worse and put me in an even worse inflammatory state!
I now believe that the ureaplasma, which exists in most women in minute proportions, was simply allowed to overgrow due to my compromised immune system caused by my insufficient gut lining. When I started this process with Deborah, I had awful vaginal discharge which was green and stringy. This has pretty much disappeared now (unless some bacteria is dying off) and I am much more comfortable.

I still have a long road ahead of me, but I know that I will get better. I speak to other patients I have met through COB and other forums who are also being supported by Deborah who are also recovering; it gives you that mental boost when you are feeling low.

I thank Deborah from the bottom of my heart for how she is helping me. My 10 month old little boy is gradually getting to experience the mummy he deserves!

Emma - Colchester, Essex


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