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A 70 year old female presenting with recurrent cystitis for the last 15 years. She also suffered bloating and constipation for over 11 years. 

"Having suffered from recurrent cystitis for at least 15 years, I saw Deborah Grant’s details on the Hale Clinic website.  Life had become very stressful, especially when travelling as I lived in dread of the infection coming back and even going out for the day made me anxious.  Deborah put me on a strict diet as I had a large amount of yeast in my gut.  Four months later, after sticking to the diet religiously, I am clear of yeast and hopefully the cystitis will not return – the rest is up to me!  Thank you so much, Deborah – the day I saw your website was a lucky one for me."

Christine - Leicestershire

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