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I came to see Deborah Grant out of sheer desperation I had a 6 month old baby who had severe colic, recurring bouts of oral thrush and finally ring worm/eczema, I had tried various homeopathic treatments nothing seemed to work, I went to my GP who prescribed steroid creams which I really did not want to put on a young baby's skin. So I called the Hale Clinic and they recommended seeing a medical herbalist.

Deborah took a detailed medical history of myself and my baby, she thought that I had an overgrowth of yeast in my gut which I was passing through breastfeeding to my baby, she also gave me a lot of advice on his diet and put him on probiotics (the change in his skin was overnight and a huge improvement) and made him up 2 amazing creams for his skin.

I had a blood test and my yeast levels came back very high, I was put on various herbal medicine and health supplements and a very strict diet: no sugar, carbs, caffeine etc. The first two weeks were pretty tough but I am now 2 months into the diet and feeling so much better! My baby’s skin was completely improved after only 2 months and a total of 3 visits to Deborah.

Kate - London


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