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"I have been suffering from chronic pelvic pain, or from a generalized inflammation of the urinary system, for about 5 years. Over this period, I underwent a number of invasive diagnostic examinations and different cycles of antibiotic therapy.

Casualty star opts for ‘life changing’ herbal medicine

British actor James Redmond has revealed that his life improved dramatically after he started taking a regular prescription of herbal medicine.

Redmond’s agent has exclusively revealed that the 39 year old actor, best known for his roles in Hollyoaks and Casualty, has been regularly visiting one the UK’s leading medical herbalists, Deborah Grant, since 2009.  The details of his treatment remain undisclosed, but Redmond is obviously seeing favourable results after saying, “I’ve been visiting Deborah on a regular basis and have found her herbal treatments life changing.”

The medical herbalist recommended by Redmond is Deborah Grant, who practices herbal medicine at the renowned Hale Clinic at Regents Park, opened by HRH The Prince of Wales in 1988.  Deborah specialises in providing in-depth insights into underlying health problems that cause many of the physical ailments people experience in modern society. She has revealed that stress is a major contributor to a number of common health problems experienced by the majority of the population.

According to Deborah, a person who regularly suffers from allergies, infections, constant fatigue or lethargy may be suffering from, or have an increased risk of suffering from, adrenal and thyroid insufficiency and this is often directly related to the level of stress a person is experiencing.  “Herbal Medicine can help tackle the underlying causes of stress such as restoring adrenal function, maintaining normal thyroid function, regulate blood glucose levels and modulate the immune system, restore normal digestive function, increase energy and lift mood,” explains Deborah.

Deborah says that patients can expect to start feeling better after taking their herbal medicine for 10-14 days. When the aims of the treatment plan have been met, it can be beneficial to take just a maintenance dose, if necessary, to help maintain health.  “Everyone is different and therefore each person responds differently to stress which is why it is better to see a qualified herbal specialist who can tailor the prescription to your unique needs rather than trying to ‘self-treat’, as diet and lifestyle can also be factors. I find this is a much more effective way of treating stress than by simply giving a 'standard' prescription,” says Grant.

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