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Deborah Grant Appears on Live Sky TV

Event:  Deborah Grant was a guest on the live morning health & lifestyle show on Sky Television.

Deborah was asked to explain how stress, particularly long-term stress, impacts the immune system and what Herbal Medicine can do to help prevent this happening, particularly in the light of the flu pandemic. Deborah said it was important to not only support the nervous system and give immune boosting herbs but to also restore adrenal function, when patients had been running on adrenaline for too long. "Otherwise it would be like trying to build a house without puttiing the foundations in first", she advised. When people are treated purely symptomatically for stress, the root of the problem, which is often adrenal exhaustion, remains untreated. As a result, patients come to Deborah's clinics with problems including recurrent infections, exhaustion, anxiety, stress related IBS, menstrual problems, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Deborah also talked about her newly launched selection of licensed veterinary herbal medicine and herbal supplements for dogs and cats. She said that this came about after patients, who were so pleased with the clinical outcome of their treatment, asked her if she could provide Herbal Medicine for their pets. Although Deborah does not see animals at her clinics, she provides herbal medicines and herbal supplements online for the treatment of common ailments suffered by cats and dogs. The dedicated web site is at

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