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You have probably been on an exhausting route visiting GPs, urologists and, if you are female, gynaecologists. Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is generally poorly understood and, as a result, many of the patients I meet have had to wait a long time for a diagnosis of IC. Orthodox treatment seems to be purely symptomatic and unable to address any of the underlying issues of this very stressful, painful and debilitating condition.

The herbal treatment does not work for everyone but many patients have experienced the benefits. Everyone is so different and therefore may react differently to Herbal Medicine. It is important to treat any underlying issues, which is why a very full case history is always taken. Every person’s experience of IC is different and must be treated accordingly. This condition cannot be treated using a one-size-fits-all approach. Many IC patients, both men and women, come to The Herbal Medicine Clinic from all over the UK and Europe.

Diet modification is a very important part of the treatment so unless you are willing to work very hard with this aspect of the treatment, this approach is not for you. This is not a "quick fix" approach. It has usually taken many months and often years for this condition to develop so it will take time, perseverance and dedication to help rebalance the body. Read some of the patient testimonials below.

The initial consultation costs £140 and follow ups, which are every four weeks, cost £70. UK and overseas patients, who live too far away to attend clinic for follow ups, can have follow up appointments on telephone or Skype. Prescriptions cost around £45 per week.

If this natural approach is something you would like to try, please call to make an appointment.


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