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Stress and How Herbal Medicine Can Help

A large body of scientific evidence suggests that the impact of stress can affect the body on many levels - nervous system, hormones and physically. In cases of long-term stress, the adrenal and thyroid glands are involved resulting in a decreased production of thyroid hormones and a weakening of adrenal function. This can cause depression and anxiety.


In addition to the direct effects on the adrenal and thyroid glands, other hormones can be affected, including the ovaries and testes, which can result in reproductive disorders andlowering of libido; and the pancreas, which can result in problems with blood glucose levels. Herbal treatment can help.


What is the effect of long-term stress on the body?

Stress-related thyroid and adrenal dysfunction often has other wide ranging systematic effects that impact on the immune, cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Compromised immune function or autoimmune dysfunction, impaired blood glucose regulation, frequent pain and headaches further add to the feeling of constant fatigue and being run down. Normal sleep patterns may also be affected, further compromising the individual's health. Stress-related thyroid dysfunction can also cause weight gain.

A person who regularly suffers from allergies, infections, constant fatigue or lethargy may be suffering from, or have an increased risk of suffering from, adrenal and thyroid insufficiency.


Herbal Medicine can help to:

  • restore adrenal function
  • maintain normal thyroid function
  • regulate blood glucose levels
  • modulate the immune system
  • reduce anxiety
  • lift mood
  • enhance performance by increasing energy
  • lift mild to moderate depression
  • restore normal digestive function

Everyone is different and therefore each person responds differently to stress. Deborah feels this fact must be taken into account, when prescribing. Individualised prescribing enables her to meet the unique needs of each patient. Diet and lifestyle are also discussed to see if any changes can be made to help the situation. This seems to be a more effective way of treating stress than by simply giving a 'standard' prescription.

Patients usually start to feel better after taking their medicine for 10-14 days. When the aims of the treatment plan have been met, it can be beneficial to take just a maintenance dose, if necessary, to help maintain health. If you feel you could benefit from this approach to dealing with stress, call for an appointment.


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