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The Herbal Treatment of Recurrent Infections

If constantly activated, your body's response to stress may make you more vulnerable to recurrent infections, constant fatigue, difficulty sleeping, digestive upset, poor concentration, weight gain, allergies and low libido. This is due to the continuing exposure to adrenaline. Herbal Medicine can help get you back on an even keel.

How does long-term stress make you ill?

In cases of long-term stress, the adrenal and thyroid glands are involved. This often has other wide ranging effects that impact on your immune, cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Compromised immune function, impaired blood glucose regulation and headaches further add to the feeling of constant fatigue and being run down. Normal sleep patterns may also be affected, further compromising your health. Stress-related thyroid dysfunction can also cause weight gain.

If you suffer from allergies, infections, constant fatigue or lethargy, you may be suffering from, or have an increased risk of suffering from, adrenal and thyroid insufficiency.

So why continue feeling stressed and putting your health at risk, when you can now do something about it and regain that sense of calm and well-being that you have been missing? Call for an appointment.

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