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Acne Treatment With Herbal Medicine

Are you troubled by acne? Fed up with blackheads, spots, skin problems? Herbal acne treatment may be the answer you are looking for. Acne is a common skin condition that affects the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands in the skin, which secrete an oily substance called sebum.

Acne appears most often on the face, but can also form in other places such as the neck, shoulders, behind the ears, on the chest, on the buttocks and on the upper back. The onsetAcne Treatment of acne is usually around puberty, but in a some cases it may also start in adulthood. Acne can also contribute to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression for obvious reasons. Research also suggests that diet plays a part in acne. Permanent scarring may occur, although this will usually be prevented if treatment is started at an early stage.

What causes acne?

In puberty, acne occurs because of changes to hormone levels, which cause the sebaceous glands to produce increased amounts of sebum. Acne may become worse in times of stress. In women, outbreaks may be affected by the hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. Another cause may be excessive production of androgens, resulting from conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Certain drugs such as corticosteroids, anti-epileptic medicines like phenytoin, and oral contraceptives may aggravate acne. Anabolic steroids, sometimes used by body-builders, can cause acne as a side-effect. Stress seems to also be a factor.

Orthodox treatment of acne

Moderate acne is often treated with a low-dose oral antibiotic, such as tetracycline or erythromycin. These reduce the number of bacteria, inflammation and sebum production. It sometimes takes up to eight weeks for any noticeable improvement and the acne treatment is usually needed for at least six months. For women, taking a high oestrogen contraceptive pill may also help acne, by regulating the hormones that cause excess sebum production. Patients, who relapse after orthodox acne treatment are often found at the Herbal Medicine Clinic.

Herbal treatment of acne

Herbal acne treatment works best in conjunction with dietary changes to support theacne treatment. The herbal approach has successfully treated many teenagers and adults suffering with acne. It usually takes 8-12 weeks to effect changes from combined dietary and herbal treatment, depending on the severity of the acne. Herbal Medicine is given to boost liver function, which is important for regulation of the hormones involved with acne. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs are also given to combat infection and inflammation. As acne is usually caused by a hormone imbalance, herbal medication is given to help rebalance the hormones. This gets to the root of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms alone. If you would like an acne treatment, which addresses the underlying issues and not just the symptoms, call for an appointment.


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