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Buy Mediherb Tribulus Forte

Buy Mediherb Tribulus Forte

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Tribulus has gained a reputation as the natural Viagra.

Your hormone levels are important for your overall feeling of well-being, vitality and stamina. GQ Magazine recommended MediHerb's Tribulus Forte is a unique product designed to support normal hormone production. Tests showed that patient's have had a 30% increase in testosterone after taking Tribulus Forte for three months at a dose of 1 tablet three times daily, reducing the dosage to a maintenance dose of 1 tablet twice daily after the initial three month period to help maintain testosterone levels within healthy limits. It is advisable to have your testosterone levels tested by your GP after 3 months. Buy Tribulus to help your stamina.

What is Tribulus?

MediHerb's Tribulus is a herbal supplement made from the highest quality raw herb, Tribulus terrestris, and the correct part of the plant, the leaves. It contains guaranteed levels of an important compound known as protodioscin, which has been shown clinically to support healthy hormone production and reproductive health. Buy Tribulus to help support your hormone production.

What makes MediHerb's Tribulus Unique?

Clinical trials in Bulgaria suggest that to be effective, Tribulus extract must contain substantial levels of protodioscin. Only the leaves of the plant grown in Central Europe contain this important compound. Many products contain the wrong part of the plant, the fruit, or contain Tribulus from other parts of the world. These products do not contain this very important compound. MediHerb has undertaken extensive research on Tribulus to provide you the best possible product every time. You can trust MediHerb's Tribulus. Buy Tribulus of the highest quality.

Combines well with Mediherb Valerian Complex for mild anxiety and nervous tension. Patients have reported good results using this approach as stress often gets in the way of sexual function.

Try this approach for three months. It has worked very well for many patients. Buy Mediherb Tribulus.


60 tablets

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Dosage and Instructions

Adults: 1 tablet 3 times daily.

Contraindications and Cautions

Not to taken if you have cholestasis. Discontinue 7 days prior to general anaesthesia. It is advisable to have your testosterone levels tested by your GP after 3 months.


Each tablet contains:

Tribulus terrestris (Tribulus) extract equivalent to dry herb (aerial parts)

standardised to contain furostanol saponins as protodioscin 110 mg  9.0g

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