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According to the latest research, over 40% of obese people have an underlying gut disorder, which is fuelling the obesity. If this problem is not addressed, individuals will simply regain the weight they may have lost through diet and exercise.

This vicious cycle needs to be broken not only so the patient can lose weight and keep it off, but also to prevent the depression and its associated comfort eating that so often accompanies this very frustrating situation. The programme also helps patients to overcome the sugar cravings by prescribing herbal medication to stop or reduce them. Patients find this support very beneficial.

Non-invasive tests are carried out to see if there are underlying gut problems and, if so, the extent of them. This enables The Herbal Medicine Clinic to tailor the herbal treatment accordingly to meet each patient’s unique needs. Once the underlying problem is being addressed, patients are introduced to easy to follow food suggestions. This cutting-edge programme is an effective, easy to follow lifestyle plan. You may expect a weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kilo per week. It will help you to achieve your optimal body weight and size, and most importantly you will be able to maintain it. You do not have to weigh your foods or count calories.

You will eat three normal sized meals each day and you can also have healthy snacks between meals, if you desire. Because you are eating in a normal healthy way it is easy to continue with your normal social activities without breaking your diet. The whole family can eat the same delicious, healthy meals. You will be supported and monitored by your healthcare professional on a weekly basis.

There are a number of nutritional and herbal medicines that are important during the time you are losing weight. These help to:

  • Aid weight loss
  • Improve metabolism
  • Improve fat burning and the building of lean muscle mass
  • Ensure optimal sugar metabolism thus reducing cravings and fluctuations in energy
  • Improve your overall nutritional status


Patients are advised to do a three week Detox Programme before starting the Weght Loss Programme. This is to help rid the body of toxins, which are stored in the fat tissue. This helps prevent the liver becoming overburdened, when the weight loss begins and toxins are freed into the body, when the fat is burned.

If you are interested in this highly successful programme, call for an appointment and ask reception for a Weight Loss Consultation in The Herbal Medicine Clinic.


Please note that this programme is not advisable for anyone with:

•    Major kidney disorders
•    Type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependent diabetics) - unless it meets with the approval of your endocrinologist
•    Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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