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The Herbal Treatment of Migraine

Many people, concerned about the side effects of orthodox medication for migraine, are now seeking to explore the options offered by Herbal Medicine. A true migraine is much more than a headache.

The medical dictionary defines it as "a symptom complex occurring periodically, and characterized by pain in the head, usually unilateral, with vertigo, nausea and vomiting, photophobia, and scintillating appearances of light. Such a complex syndrome is unlikely to respond dramatically to a quick fix and usually requires adjustment of lifestyle, diet and long-term treatment.


What triggers it?


Sleep – too much or too little
Eating – skipping meals
Foods – especially citrus fruits like oranges; chocolate, cheese
Drinks – caffeine in tea and coffee, alcohol, dehydration
Atmosphere – smoky rooms, lack of fresh air
Weather – changes in humidity or very cold temperatures
Sensory – flashing lights, loud noises, strong smells
Stress – pressures at work or at home
Hormones – some women say an attack is more likely just before menstruation
Drugs – sleeping pills, contraceptive pills, hormone replacement therapy

The Herbal Medicine Clinic has seen many patients, who suffer with migraine, respond well to Herbal Medicine along with diet and lifestyle changes. Science-based 21st Century Herbal Medicine enables us to identify the key active chemical constituents in medicinal plants and their effect on the body’s biochemistry, which helps to be specific in the treatment of  migraine. Treatment usually reduces the incidence of migraine and also the severity. Patients also normally do well on a prophylactic prescription, which helps prevent a migraine.

If you feel that you would like to try this safe and more holistic approach to migraine, call for an appointment.




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