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Health Maintenance

Herbal Medicine has been scientifically proven to enhance the immune system and to help keep stress levels in check and is therefore invaluable for health maintenance. Many of Deborah Grant's patients attend her Herbal Medicine clinics every six months for treatment to boost their immune defences. This can be particularly valuable to help prevent catching colds and flu.

If you travel in packed tubes and trains or work in an office, where bugs just go round and round and no one can shake them, this approach to healthcare is definitely worth considering. Patients, who suffered from recurrent infections, have benefited from this preventive approach.

Another very important area of health maintenance in Deborah's practice is the management of stress levels. For those patients with a full-on job, demanding family, financial worries etc; keeping stress levels within healthy limits can help prevent illness and also help maintain a sense of well-being. This also applies to children and teenagers, who have the stress of exams. Long-term stress can lead to adrenal insufficiency, which can easily lead to illness.

It's good to maintain a healthy immune system and keep on top of your stress! Call for an appointment.

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