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The Herbal Treatment of Bronchitis

Deborah treats a large number of patients with bronchitis. Herbal treatment almost always offers significant benefit in the healing process of respiratory problems. It is not unusual to see patients in the clinic, who have given up on conventional medicine.

What is bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis is an acute inflammation of the trachea and bronchi caused by bacteria. It commonly follows the common cold or influenza. Patients with chronic (long-term) bronchitis are particularly prone to develop episodes of acute bronchitis, where their sputum (phlegm) turns from grey/white to yellow/green. Other factors, which can predispose to this kind of bacterial infection, include cold, damp, dust and cigarette smoking.

Initially there is an irritating, unproductive cough, which eventually progresses over a few days to copious amounts of sputum. Infection usually starts in the trachea and progresses to the bronchi, and with this spread there is usually a fever. Gradual recovery should occur over the next 4 to 8 days. However, it may progress to bronchopneumonia.

How can bronchitis be treated?

In the acute phase, it is important to give frequent doses of Herbal Medicine to follow the progression of the infection, adapting the treatment to the various stages.

Bronchitis is often accompanied by a cough. Coughs are useful to loosen secretions and facilitate their removal and generally should not be suppressed. However, coughs can sometimes become very irritating and persistent, occurring in annoying and exhausting fits and interfering with sleep. In these cases, herbs to control the coughing are given.

Similarly, mucous production is not the disease, but rather the body’s healing mechanism aiding the removal of wastes and toxic accumulations and does not need to be suppressed. However, the mucous production can be overabundant at times, making it very difficult and debilitating to continue producing copious amounts of phlegm day after day. When the amount of phlegm is more than is reasonable, herbs which can dry up the phlegm are used.

Herbal treatment of bronchitis is tailored exactly to the patient’s symptoms and the underlying condition. Antibiotic and immune-stimulating herbs should be taken throughout the course of the infection and continued one or two weeks into recovery to prevent relapse. Anti-inflammatory herbs are also given to soothe the inflamed bronchial lining. The removal of mucus from the lungs, where necessary, is facilitated by the use of anti-catarrhal and expectorant herbs. Anti-spasmodic herbs can reduce the fits of coughing so the patient is not debilitated.

Herbal Medicine usually has a high clinical success rate for treating bronchitis. If you would like to discuss any respiratory problems you may have, make an appointment for a consultation.

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