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The recession has caused a considerable amount of worry and anxiety, which may cause depression, insomnia, palpitations, panic attacks and stress. Many people have either lost their job and their home or have the threat of losing their job and/or their home hanging over them. This anxiety can be treated with Herbal Medicine.

What is anxiety?Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of apprehension and fear characterized by physical symptoms such as feelings of stress, palpitations, sweating and sometimes panic attacks. This condition can grow progressively worse if not treated and lead to serious health problems. Anxiety is also a common symptom of the menopause, sometimes causing usually calm and relaxed women to become fearful and nervous for no apparent reason.Anxiety can also be a symptom of underlying imbalances in the body.

Anxiety treatment

Although there are pharmaceutical drugs which are routinely used to treat anxiety, many patients are now seeking out a natural approach for anxiety treatment. Deborah Grant is seeing more patients than ever presenting with anxiety. The good news is that there are several medicinal plants, which can alleviate anxiety and thereby help restore well-being.Deborah also aims to diagnose and treat any underlying imbalances, which may be fueling the anxiety.

Herbal Medicine anxiety treatment usually takes about 7-10 days to start having an effect and for patients to notice changes in the way that they feel. However, it is very important to have standardised levels of these medicinal plants to ensure optimal strength and quality for a successful clinical outcome. The herbs can be given either in liquid form or in tablet form. Diet and lifestyle are discussed and sometimes modifications are suggested to help in the management of anxiety and to promote well-being and health maintenance.

Better health is within your reach. If you would like a natural approach to anxiety treatment, call for an appointment.

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