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The Herbal Treatment of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure (hypertension) plays a contributing role in most heart attacks and strokes. More than 80% of people with high blood pressure have mild or moderate disease—systolic pressure between 140 and 180 and diastolic pressure between 90 and 115. Most cases of mild to moderate disease will respond to Herbal Medicine and lifestyle changes.

Conventional medical science cannot establish a cause in about 90% of cases and treats the problem with pharmaceutical drugs, with only lesser attention put on lifestyle changes.

Orthodox treatment

The patient is usually given progressively stronger drugs until the blood pressure falls to normal ranges. First a simple diuretic drug is given or sometimes a beta blocker. If that does not work, a combination of both is tried. If those do not reduce the blood pressure, stronger drugs such as vasodilators, sympathetic depressants and calcium channel blocker are given.

Side effects

Diuretic-induced potassium deficiency has been reported in 10-30% of patients on long-term treatment. Recent studies show that this may lead to previously unsuspected and potentially fatal heart arrhythmias, particularly after an earlier heart attack. Increases in plasma cholesterol of 10 to 20 mg/dl may also occur with diuretic therapy. Diuretics are also known to decrease glucose tolerance. Beta-blockers also increase long term risk of atherosclerosis.  Other side effects, almost universal with high blood pressure medications, range from dry mouth to impotence. About 5% of patients stop taking the drugs because of the side effects. Patients complaining of these side effects are common in Herbal Medicine clinics.

Hypertension is associated exclusively with the western diet and lifestyle and is virtually unknown in undeveloped areas of the world following traditional diets. It has also been found to be aggravated by stress. Patients with secondary hypertension due to kidney disease or other conditions should be looked after by a doctor.

Treatment for high blood pressure with Herbal Medicine is becoming increasingly popular. This may be because of its effectiveness. Clinical trials have demonstrated that it lowers blood pressure. It may also be because some people do not like the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, which range fro dry mouth to impotence. In fact, in a clinical trial, which lasted three years and where patients took a herbal prescription to reduce high blood pressure, only 6.6% of them were on orthodox medicine at the end of the three year period.

If you would like this natural approach to reduce your high blood pressure, call for an apppointment.

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