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Bridal Radiance Programme

Do you want to feel relaxed and look absolutely stunning on your Wedding Day?

The period leading up to a wedding can be very stressful indeed. There is so much to think about in a relatively short time. So many important decisions to be made. A year or even eighteen months can just fly by, when there is so much to achieve, from the venue to the bridesmaid’s presents, not to mention the honeymoon. Family politics can be a major source of stress. With so much going on and so many balls in the air, the bride is still expected to be relaxed and look radiant.

Most brides are completely stressed out and exhausted by the time they get to the big day. Not only do brides have the worry of arranging the wedding with the pressure mounting as the day approaches, they live in fear of having black circles under their eyes and not being able to fit into their beautiful dress because they sought comfort in too many chocolate bars along the way. They fear that the stress of it all will result in spots.

Although, a bride knows that she will be having a series of facials, manicures and pedicures in readiness for the big day, when it comes to it she usually has to depend on make-up to cover the bad skin, dark circles and look of exhaustion. If only there were a way to keep the stress levels down and help ensure a great complexion. The good news is that now there is!

The Bridal Radiance Programme, formulated by leading London Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant, who works at the renowned Hale Clinic, will help you achieve that. Deborah has met brides, who are even showing signs of IBS because of the stress, and others with stress-related hair loss. Deborah’s treatment and personalised prescription, formulated to meet each bride’s unique needs, helps to:

  • Keep your stress levels down, allowing you to cope better even if something goes wrong
  • Gently detoxify your body to improve your skin
  • Boost your immune system by reducing stress levels, helping you avoid illness
  • Address any underlying health problems you may have
  • Reduce your sweet or chocolate cravings so you will fit into your dress
  • Increase your energy levels so you get lots done
  • Ensure you feel calm and look radiant

How is this done?

Brides book in to see Deborah three months before their wedding. The initial consultation takes an hour and a full health history is taken and diet and lifestyle are discussed. A personalised herbal prescription is formulated to meet your unique needs. This is in the form of a liquid tincture and is easy to take just twice daily, morning and night. You will usually start to feel the benefit within 7-10 days. Deborah may recommend health supplements, if she feels you could do with some extra nutritional support. After that you will have a follow up consultation every month for half an hour, when your stress levels, skin condition, weight and energy levels are assessed and you will be treated with a prescription tailored to meet your needs and support you as the pressure mounts. The beauty of a Herbal Medicine prescription is that it can be modified to give you additional support, when you need it most.

Many brides have benefited from this cutting-edge approach to their big day. Brides report that they felt happy, relaxed and energetic on their Wedding Day, enjoying every minute of it. See testimonial here. There have also been reports of brides enjoying wonderfully relaxed honeymoons without feeling tired or exhausted.

How much does it cost?

For the Initial Consultation at the renowned Hale Clinic at Regents Park in London, three follow up consultations and your unique, personalised treatment up until your Wedding Day:

Three Month Bridal Radiance Programme £390.

If you feel you would benefit from this natural approach to radiance and reducing stress levels, call to make an appointment.      


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