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Weight Loss Clinic London

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off? An increase in weight can often be linked to a digestive system that is out of kilter. Leading London Consultant Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant’s highly successful approach to weight loss for her patients at the Weight Loss Clinic London is through treating any imbalance in the digestive system or indeed the rest of the body. 

Signs of an imbalance may include weight gain, bloating, sugar craving, flatulence, anxiety, foggy brain, constipation or diarrhoea, insomnia, indigestion, acid reflux and abdominal Weight Loss Clinic Londondiscomfort. Non-invasive tests are run in a medical laboratory to ascertain the extent of any imbalance. This enables Deborah to formulate a treatment plan to meet each patient’s unique needs and weight loss wish.
Along with Herbal Medication to address the gut imbalance, Deborah also prescribes Herbal Medicine to help the body shed the weight along with a diet that does not require any weighing of foods, calorie counting or going hungry. In fact, you can eat as much of the diet as you like.

There are a number of medicinal herbs, which are important while you are losing weight, because they help to:


Aid weight loss

Improve metabolism

Improve fat burning and the building of lean muscle mass

Ensure optimal sugar metabolism thus reducing cravings and fluctuations in energy

Improve your overall nutritional status

Reduce stress levels

This is a cutting-edge approach to weight loss and helps to ensure that the weight is not put on again as long as the patient maintains a healthy diet. In fact, once patients reach their natural weight, they are provided with a maintenance plan. 

Recently featured in The Guardian and GQ Magazine, leading London Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant has a passion for looking after people's health and has appeared on live television to discuss health issues. She is herbalist to celebrities and is regularly asked for expert comment and endorsement by health journalists. She has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Herbal Medicine with a commendation and has diagnostic and clinical training at degree level. She was taught by doctors and the board of examiners included a GP.

21st Century Herbal Medicine is now being underpinned by scientific research and as such is becoming increasingly popular with many people turning to it as a safer, gentler alternative to the one-size-fits-all pharmaceutical drugs with their sometimes unpleasant side-effects. In fact, many of the health problems, which you would normally take to your GP, can be effectively tackled with a drug-free approach. Herbal Medicine treats the underlying problem and not just the symptoms.
So if you want to lose a few pounds or more, you need look no further than Deborah Grant's Weight Loss Clinic London. Call for an appointment.

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