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A Few of the Testimonials for the Herbal Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and Recurrent Cystitis

Here are a few of the many testimonials for leading London Consultant Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant's cutting-edge treatment of recurrent Cystitis, Painful Bladder Syndrome and Interstitial Cystitis or IC.

 A 53 year old female presenting with Interstitial Cystitis diagnosed in 2010 and IBS diagnosed in 2000.

"I highly recommend Deborah Grant to anyone who is looking to trace and treat the source of their illness rather than just their symptoms. I live in Norway, and I am very grateful that I managed to find her two years ago. At the time I had been battling interstitial cystitis and IBS, and as most people with these illnesses know they can be very difficult to treat. Mainstream medicine was not an option for me even if my bladder had allowed it. When I first went to see Deborah on some days I was going to the bathroom every 15 minutes. She made me realize that both illnesses boiled down to an impaired immune system and sure enough the tests she ordered for me revealed a seriously compromised small intestine. I had never thought to link my weak immune system to my gut. Through her herbal medicine, supplements, recommended changes in diet and efforts I am a healthier person today." 

Alexandra - Norway


A 35 year old woman presenting with diagnosed Interstitial Cystitis

"I was diagnosed with IC in May 2010, having gone through a cystoscopy and a urethral dalation (unnecessarily), and having been on preventative antibiotics for approx 10 months. Nothing the NHS suggested was working and i was incredibly depressed, in constant pain and felt like no one understood what was actually wrong with me and how to treat it. I really was at the end of the line at this point. Thankfully, I then found Deborah in August 2010 through recommendations on the COB Website.

I have just begun my 4th month of treatment with Deborah and my health has improved massively. I feel 70% better and well on the way to 100%. I was 4 stone overweight and I have lost 20 pounds in weight so far. Deborah informs me that the diet will take me back to my normal weight and not below that. My skin and hair have improved dramatically. I have no more bloatedness/trapped wind or pain in my stomach. I have even been able to go through the night without getting up to the toilet on several occassions, and as a result i am sleeping much better. I have so much more energy and feel a lot more stable emotionally. 

The diet is designed specifically for you and is relatively easy to stick to, and Deborah makes up her own IC Tea which is a brilliant anti-inflammatory. Deborah is helping to change my life completely and i know that by the end of my treatment with her, I will be at the healthiest I have ever been."
Sharon - London


"I have just finished 11 months of treatment with Deborah and am now cured!!!!!!!! In 11 months, we have managed to get my bladder back to normal and i have lost 2 stone 10 pounds in weight so far, which is a bonus. The diet was so simple and easy to follow and the medication was easy to take and stick to. My symptoms have completely disappeared and with Deborah's help, i now realise just how unhealthy i was previously.

I always had stomach ache, bloating and bladder pain, I was always going to the toilet including through the night so i was constantly tired out, stressed and worn out. I was 4 stone overweight and very sluggish and uncomfortable all the time. I had severe sugar cravings and high blood sugar levels. I was also suffering from intermittent bleeding throughout the month which Deborah regulated with one of her prescriptions.

I am now able to control my health through my diet and am going it alone for now, but knowing that Deborah is there for advice, guidance and support whenever i need it. She truly is a miracle worker and i would never have guessed she could sort out all of my symptoms, particularly the bleeding which i have been experiencing since i was 19 years old!!!!.

I am eternally grateful for her help, support and advice through this last year and i couldn't have done it without her."
  Sharon - London


A 29 year old woman presenting with recurrent cystitis

"Without a shadow of a doubt it is difficult putting your trust in a different medical approach, especially when traditional western medicine seems to brush it aside. But if I hadn’t gone with my instincts, I would not be where I am now. I knew there was more to my condition than meets the eye. I had been experiencing problems with constipation for years, had bad bloating and digestion and suffered from bladder infections on and off ever since I became sexually active. I also had pains under my arms and after taking various courses of antibiotics the pain in my bladder and rest of body got a lot worse.

It was only when I met Deborah when she clearly explained why these conditions are all linked and for the first time I felt I knew what my battle was against, which as a fellow IC patient, you will understand how important it is to KNOW what is causing your pain. Deborah suspected, as is the case with many of her IC patients, that I had what is called a ‘leaky gut’ and heightened levels of bacteria within my small intestine, both of which compromise the body’s immune system causing inflammation.

I still meet people who are sceptical, despite the fact that I had tests with a lab in London (through Deborah), which prove I have a high level of bacteria and a leaky gut. Ok, I could understand the scepticism if I wasn’t getting better, but I am!!  am five months into treatment and I am not going to lie; it has not been easy. The diet was difficult to adjust to and the periods of die-off (when the bacteria die and release toxins) have been hard to deal with. However, my bladder is much better behaved than it was when I started the treatment and I no longer get vulvodynia, which I developed before Deborah’s treatment after I had taken a high dose of doxycycline (antibiotics).

It is important to remember that everyone is different – I was convinced that my problem was to do with candida (yeast) and it wasn’t (Deborah tested me and I was normal (for once!)) and I tried various herbs before meeting Deborah.  I know it can be very tempting to read things of the internet and just try them, but honestly, knowing what I know now I would never recommend anybody just ‘trying’ herbal medication without a very skilled professional. Everyone has to have their own treatment plan to make sure they get better whilst protecting their other organs such as the kidneys and especially the liver. This is why I personally will never discuss my exact herbal prescriptions with fellow patients.

Initially, I thought all my problems were to do with a bacteria called ureaplasma, which I tested positive for, but after foolishly taking high levels of doxycycline, I felt slightly better for a few days and then became a lot lot worse. Little known to me at the time, antibiotics most likely made my leaky gut a lot worse and put me in an even worse inflammatory state!
I now believe that the ureaplasma, which exists in most women in minute proportions, was simply allowed to overgrow due to my compromised immune system caused by my insufficient gut lining. When I started this process with Deborah, I had awful vaginal discharge which was green and stringy. This has pretty much disappeared now (unless some bacteria is dying off) and I am much more comfortable.

I still have a long road ahead of me, but I know that I will get better. I speak to other patients I have met through COB and other forums who are also being supported by Deborah who are also recovering; it gives you that mental boost when you are feeling low.

I thank Deborah from the bottom of my heart for how she is helping me. My 10 month old little boy is gradually getting to experience the mummy he deserves!

Emma - Colchester, Essex


A 29 year old man presenting with chronic pelvic pain and urinary frequency for 4 years

"I have been suffering from chronic pelvic pain, or from a generalized inflammation of the urinary system, for about 5 years. Over this period, I underwent a number of invasive diagnostic examinations and different cycles of antibiotic therapy. However, the definition and causes of my illness remained mysterious, whilst the antibiotic therapies had the only effect of worsening the situation. Other treatments – e.g. anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants – proofed ineffective. 

The reader might be familiar with the sense of frustration caused by years of useless attempts to fight back this profoundly debilitating illness through conventional medicine.

The situation changed dramatically since I started my treatment with Deborah. Her approach, based on dietary changes and herbal medicine, is holistic – it looks to the person as a whole rather than focusing only on the symptoms – as well as extremely rigorous and goal oriented. Above all, it works! I am in my 5th month of treatment now and my situation improved of at least 50%. Considering that the symptoms remained stable (even worsened) over the last 5 years – and considering how hopeless I had become – this is really a great result.

The first weeks of treatment were quite hard due to the changes in my dietary regime, but this process was absolutely worthwhile. As I learned through my own experience, there is no “magic pill” that can solve the problem: the whole body must be given a chance to heal gradually, starting from the gut.

 Now I know that an effective therapy does exist, and this is a huge relief. I am very grateful to Deborah and I am confident that, thanks to her expertise and kindness, I will finally get over my illness"

Lorenzo - London


A 59 year old man presenting with chronic bladder pain and increased frequency (including 16 times at night) and urgency after treatment for bladder cancer.

" I would just like to thank you for helping me through my Cystitis issues following treatment for bladder cancer. The diet was difficult at first but after a while not an issue - and a few pounds weight loss as a bonus. I noticed an immediate improvement in my symptoms within a week of seeing you and starting with your medication/diet. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone with a similar condition"

Many thanks, AP Bedfordshire.


A 28 year old woman presenting with chronic bladder discomfort after taking antibiotics for cystitis.

"It is my heartfelt wish to share my personal experience with this dreaded condition in order to give hope to others who are still searching for answers and to encourage those who have found this natural approach but are still at the beginning of the treatment.  

I myself found so much relief by reading throughout this period, over and over again, different testimonials who gave me so much strength when I was down so it is my turn to spread hope and trust that better days will come, and believe me they will. I’m sure that everybody fighting this condition is very much familiar with the endless visits to different doctors, desperately hoping for some answers, for some name for the “unknown”, for some relief that somebody actually knows what is wrong… How many times we have secretly traded in our minds with every illness of the world only to have the comfort that it is something when not treatable at least known… How many of us have reached the point of despair questioning their mental health and with their dear ones feeling overwhelmed and helpless only able to watch the struggle of the sufferer? How many of us had to fight against the thought that this will be the life we will have to live till the end of our days? “Why me, what have I done wrong, I don’t deserve such a burden, I can’t fight alone, I need help, but who can help me?” – These are words that haunted me day and night with no rest.

I’m sure that everyone who is suffering from this terrible condition and is reading these words knows exactly what I’m talking about and even recognizes each emotional state which is associated to all the physical and psychological struggle. I recall that I so badly needed to find someone, anyone, a  doctor, a friend, actually anyone who could just give me my hope back that all of this is just temporary and that somewhere out there a cure exists and I will find it. An then came DEBORAH, I can hear her words even now:  “You will get better” it was like a miracle, like a dream for me, not only she was knowing what was going on with me, but she was very much familiar with all the emotions connected to the disorder and above all she told me those 4 magic words which really meant the world to me: YOU WILL GET BETTER!

So I found MY WAY, MY ANSWER, and I am one of the lucky ones as it took me only 2 years to find it. But 2 years is still a very long time when you believe it will last forever and when the feelings of despair are so deep that you can barely handle…I still believe this was the hardest thing that has ever happened to me…

So I began the treatment, with much hope and stubbornness to finally overcome this illness. I won’t lie and say it was easy because it was not but it was actually the easiest thing compared to the period with no answer at all, just vegetating from one day to another. In order to follow this treatment you have to bring up a lot of ambition and take control over your life by adjusting it to a healthy but still very restricting diet, you have to rigorously take your pills and you have to face the die off symptoms which in the end only reconfirm that you are on the right path and that your body has started to eliminate the bad things responsible for this nightmare.

I’m now for almost a year under treatment and with Deborah’s great help and dedicated support I successfully managed to undo most of the harm my body was put through because of this imbalance.  As to the way I feel now I will just quote a paragraph from an e-mail sent to Deborah this month that expresses all the joy and happiness I genuinely felt when writing it:

“I'm just having the best month since the beginning of the treatment!!! I told you since last time that I feel that I'm over the hill and that I'm moving upwards and this is really true !!! :) Many thanks for everything, you gave me my life back, I can't thank you enough and I pray to GOD to give you strength and health to help many, many people in distress!!!!
THANK YOU, Deborah, God bless you and all your valued work!”

C.A  – Bucharest, Romania.


A 41 year old female presenting with medically diagnosed Interstitial Cystitis (IC) in September 2010 and taking Vesicare. She had a history of UTIs since 2008. She suffered urinary urgency and painful bladder flares.

 "About 2 years ago I was in a pretty bad way – After being prescribed several different drugs through the NHS and also trying homeopathy, I  was losing faith in anything and anybody.  I then started to search the web and anything relating to IC (which was vaguely diagnosed through the NHS). I eventually came across Deborah Grant at the Hale Clinic.  She claimed that she could help people with IC and had a very good knowledge of this very rare condition.

I then made an appointment to see Deborah and went up to London to meet her.  It was very refreshing to meet someone who actually understood what I was going through and didn’t make you feel like just another number or person on the list. She made time for me and listened thoroughly to what I said and took a detailed account of my life from a child to present.  After a long discussion it was explained to me that I had a high yeast account in my system and that this needed to be addressed and brought down. Deborah sent me for a blood test (this would be repeated regularly) and started to put me on different herbal tablets and an extremely strict diet.

he diet was a hard one to start off with but over time became easier and easier, especially when I started to feel the rewards from it.  My symptoms got less and less as time went on and Deborah would change my tablets and diet as time went on. I was with Deborah for nearly 2 years and I have to say that I am a different person than when I first met her. My symptoms are about 99% gone now compared to how I was at the beginning  - and to be honest it is only when I am very stressed that my symptoms come back temporarily.

I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone – she has been the only one that has helped me and actually listened. She was a great person to talk to on a monthly basis. I can only praise her for what she has done for me."

Julie - Gloucestershire


A 44 year old female presenting with recurrent cystitis and a history of regular antibiotic use. Very stressful job with long hours.

"I went to see Deborah as I was suffering from a chronic disorder. I had seen a number of very reputable consultants but the only thing that was suggested wherever I went, were long term antibiotics. I knew that this could not be good for me and the the side effects would eventually catch up with me, which they of course did. I went to see Deborah, when I was more or less at a point of despair, really not knowing where to go. She put me on a diet, where I was to exclude a number of foods and watch the alkaline content of what I ate. She gave me a number of herbal medicines, that addressed some of the causes and triggers of my condition. I started improving. It took a number of months before I improved to a significant level, but she helped me identify the causes and triggers over this period and addressed them, which no doctor had done previously. With her holistic approach, she helped me implement the changes that were needed, understand the underlying condition and address it. I am truly grateful to her."

Erika - London


A 70 year old female presenting with recurrent cystitis for the last 15 years. She also suffered bloating and constipation for over 11 years. 

"Having suffered from recurrent cystitis for at least 15 years, I saw Deborah Grant’s details on the Hale Clinic website.  Life had become very stressful, especially when travelling as I lived in dread of the infection coming back and even going out for the day made me anxious.  Deborah put me on a strict diet as I had a large amount of yeast in my gut.  Four months later, after sticking to the diet religiously, I am clear of yeast and hopefully the cystitis will not return – the rest is up to me!  Thank you so much, Deborah – the day I saw your website was a lucky one for me."

Christine - Leicestershire


A 26 year old female presenting with a history of bloating; and urinary tract infections since the age of 11. Extensive antibiotic therapy had not resolved her problems.

"I just want to say thank you so much for everything to date - you have helped me beyond belief, of course physically but, in another way, perhaps subconsciously, in helping me realise, and begin to address, some wider issues."

Lauren - London


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