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A 32 year old woman presenting with digestive bloating and recurrent BV.

"I went to see Deborah after my six month old son had had colic, oral thrush and finally ringworm and I wanted to treat his condition as naturally as possible. In the initial consultation Deborah asked me lots of questions about the birth but also about my health, as unknown to me you pass on your gut flora to your baby through birth and breastfeeding. She suspected that I had an overgrowth of yeast which was causing all my son's problems and would explain many of the health problems I'd had in the past. My yeast levels were tested and they came back very high, (my sons problems were separately dealt with by Deborah and his skin dramatically improved in days after taking the Deborah's prescription).

After my test results I started on a special diet and treatment to eliminate the yeast from my system. Through the course of my treatment Deborah gave me invaluable advice about diet. The first two weeks were quite difficult but then I felt a dramatic improvement my energy levels went up, my skin improved, I felt much less bloated and best of all almost completely stopped passing wind! It took six months (a bit longer than normal as I had a few lapses with the diet) but when I was re-tested my yeast levels came back as undetectable. I am now sticking to the diet pretty much all the time as I feel so much healthier but I am now allowing myself the odd glass of wine!"

Kate - London

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